What Buyers Are Saying About Us!


Thanks For All The Help
Hello Jeff,
I just wanted to extend my thanks to you for all the help you provided during my home buying process.  I appreciate all of your work, and I am so pleased with the way everything has turned out.
I hope you and your family enjoyed this weekend’s holiday and are looking forward to the summer.
Best regards,
Jordan Challis

Extremely Helpful!
Jeff, Thank you for all the help and for getting us together with Gary Ogg. You both have been extremely helpful and it has been great getting to know both of you! Just wanted to say thank you from Heather and myself. We really appreciate the chance to buy our first home from you (hopefully our only home). Again, thank you.                 
Joey and Heather Bartlesville, OK

We Did Not Expect Greatness!
We were not expecting much of anything while we were looking for houses. We were surprised by the help we received with the purchase of this home, with the smoothness and how easy Stonebridge was to work with. The experience was pretty painless and hassle free and we had good cooperation all the way around.
Josh S.

Nuestro Testimonio:
Estamos muy agradecidos con la ayuda y con el trabajo que realizaron con nostros. Para que pudieramos lograr el sueno mas importante en la vida familiar, el la casa propia. Desde el primer dia nos ayudaron paso x paso hasta el dia del cierre. Yo Marcelo Cardozo y mi familia estaremos siempre muy agradecidos y nos comprometemos a recomendarlos muy positivamente con las demas familias que suenen con tener o comprar su casa. Dios los bendiga.

We needed to get settled in a house before our baby came and we didn’t have a ton of money to put down. Stonebridge provided a great house in a wonderful neighborhood, and they also set it up so we only had to come up with $800 TOTAL to own the home! We couldn’t believe it… THANKS!!
Rick & Phyllis Tulsa, OK

It Actually Happened For US!!!
When we first saw “our” house, we actually did not expect to get it. As, it has turned out, with Jeff and his help, we were able to purchase our home and our sitting at closing right now!! The process has been quick and simple and everyone was very helpful. We are so thankful for everything all of you have done for us.
Steven & Jennifer H. Tulsa, Oklahoma

An Easy Purchase through Stonebridge and their Support Staff
Jeff has been there to answer all my questions throughout the entire time while purchasing my home.  He has been very easy to work with and has gone well out of his way to help cut cost and to help me get into my new home.  I would highly recommend his firm and all of the support agencies that have helped.
Christopher M. Tulsa, Oklahoma

WOW!  Lease Purchase to Home Ownership in only 6 months!  
Jeff was very helpful getting us into the house we wanted.  We didn’t have very good credit and found a house we just had to have.  We are both very thankful for all you have done.Thanks!
Jamee D. Tulsa, Ok

Need Help With an Overwhelming Experience.
I, Mary R., bought my first house on January 6th, 2005.  I am very happy with my new home.  The experience was very over whelming, but worth the gain.  Thanks for helping me in my first new home.  
Mary R. Tulsa, Oklahoma

Thanks From the Hispanic Community
The process was fast and very good.  We taught we didn’t have a chance at all.  We are very please we your services and dedication as Hispanics that counts a whole lot. Thank you very much!
Luis and Rocio R. Tulsa, Oklahoma

Horrible Credit, Desperately Needing a Home! 
Thanks to Stonebridge Property Solutions my husband and I were able to buy our first house together.  We both have very bad credit with repos and unpaid credit cards.  Jeff was kind enough to help us get financed for our house.  Plus he was nice enough to put a 2nd mortgage on the house so we could keep our payments down low enough so we could afford the house that we wanted.  Jeff worked real hard and long hours to get us where we are now.  We appreciate all of the hard work he has done for us.
Thank You,
Dale & Danielle C. Tulsa, Oklahoma

No More Rent!  We’re Home Owners!
I wanted to send a very grateful “THANK YOU” to Jeff for all the hard work he did for us to make it possible to buy a home.  I have had a bankruptcy in my past and we have been throwing our money away on rent for the last three years.  I didn’t think it was possible for us to buy a home without a HUGE sown payment even if we could get financed, but Jeff went to work for us and not only hot us a great interest rate, but a low down payment.  The whole experience was great, from the 1st call to Jeff to the closing day with his wife Alicia.  It all went so smooth
WOW! – We’re homeowners!!!
Steve & Michelle M. Tulsa, Oklahoma

We Need Owner Financing To Buy A Home…NOW! 
We want to thank Stonebridge Property Solutions for meeting our needs when we were ready to purchase a home. My wife and I work out of town 75% of the time. We were on a tight schedule, before the holidays, to get a lot of things accomplished before leaving for our next business trip. Thanks to Jeff, we were able to get in a beautiful home (with an interest rate lower than I would have been able to get going the conventional route) in time to enjoy the holidays.  I would highly recommend Stonebridge Property Solutions to any one with special needs such as ours.Thanks again.
Michael and Phyllis Claremore, Oklahoma

We Never Thought We Could Buy Our Home Through An AUCTION!
We had been looking for a home for quite some time before we heard about Jeff’s AUCTIONS.  The AUCTION took place on a Saturday and Sunday, and the bidding was completely open.  Jeff answered everyone’s questions and made the whole process very simple. As it turns out, we got a great house in a wonderful neighborhood at an incredible price!  We were in the process of getting our current home sold, and Jeff was very easy to work with.  The AUCTION process turned out to be an excellent experience and much easier than we expected. Thanks again.
Corey and Denise W.  Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

Tired Of Renting!
My wife and I had been renting for years and we happened to see some of Jeff and Alicia’s “Lease to Own” signs at another home in our neighborhood.  Our mortgage broker had told us that we needed a huge down payment in order to get qualified, but we needed time to save up that amount. After calling Jeff and Alicia, we went to see the home and they had it in very good condition and it was ready for us to move in.  They allowed us to pay a more reasonable down payment with comfortable monthly payments, which is allowing us the time we need to save and qualify through a bank. We are very excited because within a few months we will actually own our first home!
Thanks for your help,
Toby and Cassie   Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

Wow!  We Got Financed.
We had trouble trying to get financed and it seemed impossible.  Then, we looked on the computer and found out about Jeff and his houses.  They made it so easy for us to not only get the house we wanted, but get the financing we needed.  We would recommend anyone to buy a house from Jeff.
Robert & Leslie, Tulsa, Oklahoma

Even Bankruptcy Didn’t Stop Us From Buying Home. 
My wife and I had just filed bankruptcy and it wasn’t even discharged when we heard about Jeff’s houses.  We didn’t have any money saved up to buy, but Jeff allowed us to move into the home while we saved.  The best part of all is that he put us in contact with his mortgage broker who helped us figure out what was necessary to improve our credit.  In about a year, we had saved up a small down payment and they were able to get us financed!  Now we own our first home! Thank you!
Kevin & Blanca  Tulsa, Oklahoma

We Need Someone With Knowledge and Experience.  
I have had the pleasure of working with Jeff Hoemann at Stonebridge Property Solutions.  I am doing a lease-purchase with them.  Jeff has been so helpful in helping me pursue a mortgage lender and is very knowledgeable about the whole experience of buying a home.  Jeff has been a good friend to me and my wife and is strongly recommended by us, if you are considering renting or buying a home.
Jeff & Laura W. Jenks, Oklahoma

Easy Experience!
Let’s just say Jeff is a person of his word with integrity to take care of what he agrees to. I would’ve had a harder time getting into a good house without the help of his company. This is a company that every person should have the pleasure of working with. There is absolutely no question as to how fair they are.Thank you Jeff and Darren and Stone Bridge Properties.
Jim and Belinda   Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

“Work for Equity” Program was a Perfect Fit
My daughter was looking for a nice home that she could make her own, but she had just gone through a divorce and hadn’t found work yet.  She needed to find a home quickly that she could move into with the children, but was unable to get her financing until she could prove some income. We noticed one of Jeff’s homes for sale and found out that one of his programs was perfect for our situation.  His “Work for Equity” program allowed my daughter to move in and make payments while she did repairs to the house.  As a long time investor myself, this allowed us to get a discount on the home in exchange for some minor work…. This made me feel good. Long story short, my daughter and grandchildren were able to move into the home that they were eventually going to own without worrying about another move.  After securing a new job and some carpet and paint, they were able to finance the home through the bank and all at a reasonable price.  Thanks for providing such an accommodating program.
G. Wilburn Tulsa, Oklahoma

Friendly Service That Meets Our Needs 
Dear Jeff, I thought that I would put my thanks to you in writing.  Maria and I have known you about two years now and we wanted you to know how happy we are with our home.  She knew she wanted it the second she laid eyes on it.  You know I am on a fixed income and we appreciate how you have worked with us to make all this possible. Good luck with the little one,
Eldon and Maria   Tulsa, Oklahoma

A Stress-Free Experience
Jeff Hoemann has made every effort to help us during the time of buying our new home.  He has answered all questions with honesty and timely decisions and always helped with things we didn’t understand.  By putting it to us so we were less stressed during what could have been a difficult procedure.
Debbie H. Tulsa, Oklahoma

Helpful And Informed
Working with Jeff and everyone has been a very pleasurable experience.  He has been great at keeping me informed throughout the whole process. He has helped anyway he could.  I would recommend them to anyone wishing to purchase a home.

Peace of Mind!
My wife and I were looking for a nicer home but being self-employed we needed an abnormally LOW payment. Although we had plenty of money to put down we felt like finding a FLEXIBLE owner would be the hardest part of our search. Thats where Stonebridge Property Solutions came in. This purchase had to be done in a way that gave me peace of mind. These people were very helpful,actually they bent over backwards to put this deal together for us. Thanks for making this work out according to our situation.  We won’t hesitate to recommend you to our friends and family. Thanks again!Our experience with Jeff has been great. He always returns calls and if we have any questions, he answers them. He’s polite and courteous. He kept our payments around what we wanted. Thank You!
Gladys W. Tulsa, Oklahoma

A Pleasure
It has been a pleasure working with you.
Juanita H. Tulsa, Ok

Helpful And Informed
We just bought a “home” in less than 1 week. That’s right, 1 week! It took less than a week from the very first time we spoke with Jeff Hoemann with Stonebridge Property Solutions, Inc., found a house he had that we wanted and closed the loan. All this and we also had poor credit. Now, we’re not saying that Jeff and his company are “miracle workers”, but if you truly want to buy a home and are having trouble and can help yourself a little bit, Jeff and his company can probably get it done for you.  In closing, we would like to say that Jeff was very professional, always honest, never promising more than he could deliver, sincere in wanting to help us and he made us feel comfortable from the beginning. We would be remiss if we didn’t mention Jeff’s lovely wife Alicia, who also works with him. Her patience, advice and general help through this process was invaluable. The bottom line is they made it happen for us and they can make it happen for you! Sincerely,
Ron & Krisanne O. Tulsa, Oklahoma

Home Owner at Last!!
My experience with Jeff was so great and worry free. I didn’t know how I would ever have my own home and he helped me get into my own home in less than a month! I’m so happy and it feels great all I did was look on the website saw a home I loved and put up a down a payment and it was mine! Thank you Jeff and Erica you are both so nice to work with and I will never forget you both. I ‘m a home  owner at last!
Thanks Again! Kelly W., Broken Arrow, OK