Credit Problems??

We are excited to be able to help you own a home!! Part of that process is following the rules that the banks have put in place. While that is a foreign world to most people we are happy to help you understand that process and we work with a group of people that have considerable expertise along those lines.

“What if my credit is horrible?” Is a common question and a very familiar problem. Part of our better business solution is that we help you understand how you can fix your credit issues so that you don’t have to wait years and years for those issues to hopefully disappear. We have a company that we work with very closely that specializes in cleaning credit and we believe (after much research and trial and error) that we have found the best way to help someone own a home in the shortest amount of time.

We have a vested interest in helping you get to that point where the banks will approve you for a mortgage. Once you have put money down and move into one of our homes (your home) then we help to walk you through the process of pro-actively repairing the credit scars that currently haunt you! 

We offer a service that is a rare find. Many people can attest that our program has allowed them to accomplish what they didn’t think possible on their own. Allow us to work with you on getting into one of our beautiful houses  and then fix the credit that is costing you money and opportunities. 

That last statement may have rattled you somewhat. Hopefully it did! Bad credit costs you more than you can imagine. You pay higher interest rates because of it…on everything, every month…month after month after month!! You also pay higher insurance rates..or possibly you’re declined all together because of it. You miss out on special deals that only go to those with good credit. Let’s face it, bad credit over the course of a couple of decades may well cost you more than you make in a year…and possibly much much more than that!

We want to sell you a home but we also want for you to live a life where you can maximize every dollar you earn. You deserve it and we would like to help you down that path.

Now it’s time for you to make YOUR MOVE!

Call Jeff at 918-742-0806 to find out how you make your move!

Did You Know?

Banks take a look at a variety of things when trying to approve you for a loan: 1) Debt ratio, which is your total monthly loan payments, credit card payments (anything that shows up as a monthly obligation on your credit card) divided by your total gross monthly income (before tax income). If that amount is .45 (45%) or higher then it becomes more difficult to get approved for a loan. So don’t have too many bills at once!  And if your new mortgage payment (including taxes and insurance) will be more than 33% of your gross monthly income, that also could stop you from qualifying. 2) Job time matters. If you are just starting a new job for the 3rd time this year…they may frown on that. They also want you to be consistently working so they don’t look favorably upon times of being unemployed for more than a month.  3) Credit matters. Just one late payment on a small credit card can set you back several months. Paying everything on-time or ahead of time is essential to getting approval through the bank.  4) Not having credit also matters. If you don’t have any credit then that can also hurt you. Sometimes banks will allow payment history from a utility bill/ insurance bill/ some other form of personal bill. But the bill must be in your name and you have to prove on time payment for 12 consecutive months (and they require you provide 4 separate bills)